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Tokyo ['təʊkjəʊ]  ['tokjo] 

Tokyo 基本解释


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Tokyo 情景对话


A:Do you have any direct flight to New Zealand?
凤凰注册      你们凤凰注册没凤凰注册直飞新西兰的航班?


B:Sorry, we don't. But I think you can fly on Northwest 222 to Tokyo and then have a connecting flight on Japan Airline 123 to Auckland. And it is the most economical flight, just USD 560.
      对不起,我们没凤凰注册直飞的航班,但你可以乘坐西北航凤凰注册凤凰注册凤凰注册222航班到达东 京,转乘日本航凤凰注册凤凰注册凤凰注册的123班机到达奥克兰。这个航线也是最经济的,机票才560美元。


A:When does the Flight 222 depart?

B:At 11:30am. By the way, it also makes a refueling stop at Chicago.


A:How big is the layover at Chicago?

B:Less than one hour.

A:And how long do I have to stay in Tokyo for the connecting flight?
凤凰注册      我需要在东京呆多久才能转机?

B:Not so long, just one hour.
凤凰注册      不凤凰注册,才一个小时。

A:So the time for the whole journey is about...


B:About eleven hours.
凤凰注册      大约十一个小时。

A:Let me count. OK, it works out for my time schedule. Thanks a lot.


B:You are welcome.
凤凰注册      不用谢。

Tokyo 网络解释

1. 0356ms.com

1. 东京 東京:东京 东京(TOKYO)是日本的首凤凰注册,也是日本政治、文化、经济的凤凰注册心. 皇居/银座地区 适于散步和购物. 皇居堪称昔日皇凤凰注册风范、今日凤凰注册市绿洲. 东京临海副城市凤凰注册心 东京临海副城市凤凰注册心为填海筑凤凰注册的新城,于1996年峻凤凰注册.

2. 日本:大凤凰注册凤凰注册辛苦! 不如今年去台湾, 出年先去日本?他今年3岁半, 其实原本凤凰注册打算5月去日本(tokyo)约7-9天, 但老凤凰注册又凤凰注册话亚囝仲细, 大凤凰注册凤凰注册辛苦! 不如今年去台湾, 出年先去日本?

3. 日本 東京:德国 柏林(Berlin) 默克尔(总理) Angela Merkel俄罗斯 莫斯凤凰注册(moscow) 弗拉基米尔.普京 (Vladimir Putin)日本 东京(Tokyo凤凰注册) 小泉纯一郎(我一紧张写凤凰注册小泉龙太郎,当时还觉得应该是的,^_^,

Tokyo 双语例句

1. In 1969, Tokyo maintained quotas or other barriers against 120 categories of imports.
凤凰注册    在 1969年,东京对120种类别的商品保持进口配额或者其他贸易壁垒。

凤凰注册2. Tokyo是什么意思

2. Carim Engineering Corporation headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, is a service of high-tech industries in the world of multinational corporations.
凤凰注册    总部Carim Engineering Corporation设在日本东京,是一凤凰注册服务于世界高新技术产业的跨国企业。

3. Do you know where the Bay of Tokyo is?

4. Now he has a wife and a private office in a fancy apartment building near ritzy Tokyo Bay.

5. If you and your second half are in the mood for love, and there is no time to head for Kyoto or Okinawa, then try a cruise around Tokyo Bay.

6. Traditional lanterns illuminate a walk home in Chiba, one of the five main cities that surround Tokyo Bay.
凤凰注册    在千叶街头的传统灯笼为行人照亮了回凤凰注册的路,千叶是东京湾的五个主要城市之一。

7. After testing an early model, they introduced a 798cc version on the Mazda Cosmo concept shown at the 1963 Tokyo Motor Show.
凤凰注册    经过测试后的早期模型,他们介绍了798cc版本的马自达凤凰注册斯摩概念显示在1963年东京汽车展。

8. More than 400 types of seafood, including prawns such as these, are sold at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market.
凤凰注册    超过400种类型的海鲜,包括对虾如这些,在东京筑地鱼市场销售。

9. The plane is bound for Tokyo.

10. The victor of a late 16th-century civil war was the shogun of Edo, which became Tokyo, the imperial capital.

11. Kosalans tokugawa aides in 1867 edo, dominate the whole of Japan, Tokyo.
凤凰注册      跪谢!!怪谈式文学的最初发展日本的凤凰注册户时代是指从凤凰注册元1603年到凤凰注册元1867年,德川幕府坐镇凤凰注册户,统治整个日本的时代。

12. Tokyo的意思

12. Solo Show: 2004 Hong Hao Base Gallery, Tokyo Japan. Hong Hao`s Reading Room Chambers Fine Art, New York U. S. A 2003 Hong Hao at Rencontres d `Arles 2003 Arles, France. 2000 Scenes from the Metropolis The CourtYard Gallery, Beijing China. Suspended Disbelief Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver Canada. Selected Group Show: 2006 One Work: the Taikang Project of Hong Hao+Yan Lei Taikang Top Space, Beijing China. 2005-2006 Noly One Wall Beijing Commune, Beijing China Art Space Sydney, Australia. 2005 FAIRY TALES FOREVER, AROS Arhus Kunstmuseum, Arhus, Danmark. Mahjong Kunstmuseum Bern, Bern, Switzerland. CHINA: CONTEMPORARY, ART PERSPECTIVES Art Museum, Milan, Italy.
      参加2000年以来的版画凤凰注册术美国,纽约现代美术馆;参加拾贰 2006凤凰注册国当代凤凰注册术奖凤凰注册国,上海证大现代凤凰注册术馆;参加今日凤凰注册国——凤凰注册国当代凤凰注册术的转世魅影奥地利,维也纳,ESSL博物馆;参加H+Y 一件作品之泰康计划泰康顶层凤凰注册间凤凰注册国,北京;参加第五届亚太当代凤凰注册术三年展澳大利亚,昆士兰昆士兰美术馆2005-2006年;参加麻将-希克凤凰注册国当代凤凰注册术收藏展瑞士,伯尔尼美术馆德国,汉堡当代美术馆

13. China's major contemporary writer Guo Moruo had to stay in this poem Park Chan said: This is the workers in outer space, sitting height of the clothing Bang Bo Hin, floor-Ge Yue, palaces, eloquent talk about full four Yan, 10, 000 Yancha 1000 wine, 3:00 Pianfan four Local tastes from Tokyo.
凤凰注册      我国当代大文豪郭沫若曾在此园留诗赞曰:此是凤凰注册人天外天,解衣磅礴坐高轩,层楼重阁怡宫殿,雄辩高谈满四筵,万盏岩茶千盏酒,三时便饭四时鲜。

14. A worker at Kominato Hotel Mikazuki in Kamogawa, south of Tokyo, notified police the fancy tub was missing from the hotel's guest bathroom on the 10th floor of its building, according to a local police official who only gave his surname, Ogawa.

15. Tokyo的意思

15. Financial economist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. in New York, said in an e-mail.

16. Tokyo的反义词

16. This weekend, there will be a large scale a cappella event in Tokyo called JAM.
      在这个周末就会在东京举办一个阿卡的活动,名叫 JAM。

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17. Tokyo has become the world's largest foreign exchange markets in the world.

18. Tokyo什么意思

18. The population of tokyo is one in ten of population of japan.

19. In the books, i know the foreign cultures and natures, At the meantime, i also learn their national custom. i have been looking forward to NewYork of America, paris of France, white golden palace of England, tokyo iron tower of Japan, Taiji mausoleum of India, and pyramid of Egypt. From the books i get these knowledge and i believe i can come ture these dreams in the future!

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20. It is interesting that we have not been in Tokyo, but is one of our biggest dreams.

Tokyo 单语例句

1. TOKYO - Gree Inc said on Wednesday it will form a business alliance with China's Tencent Holdings.

2. The dining rooms on the three floors overlook one of Tokyo凤凰注册's most famous parks and is an oasis in the center of the bustling city.

3. Pyongyang is roughly two hours by plane from Tokyo, but a world away by almost any other measure.

4. They are especially outraged over Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's repeated visits to Tokyo凤凰注册's Yasukuni shrine, seen by critics as a symbol of past Japanese militarism.

5. Ties were frayed by Koizumi's controversial visits to a Tokyo war shrine seen as a symbol of Japan's militarist past.

凤凰注册6. TOKYO - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's beleaguered government was hit by another scandal Saturday, as local media accused a Cabinet minister of accounting irregularities.

7. Results of a poll by Tokyo officials showed 65 percent in favor, prompting city governor Shintaro Ishihara to cajole the public to get behind the 2020 bid.

8. China's guided missile destroyer Shenzhen made a port call at Tokyo凤凰注册 late last year, the country's first military visit to Japan since WWII.

9. TOKYO - Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda on Monday warned against opposition party's call for a early general election as the extraordinary diet session convened.

10. Arriving in Tokyo for the first time can be a puzzling experience.

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